Friends and Helpful Resources

This is a buffet of great organizations led by good friends, everything from compassion relief groups to helpful resources to great coffee! For a great list of insightful blogs, glance over at my blogroll on the home page.

3e Restoration Inc. (3e Restoration partners with faith communities/local churches to encourage, equip, and empower them to walk in relationship with a “Friends/Families in Need” to help them transition from homelessness/extreme poverty to self-sufficiency through community and God’s sufficiency. Their vision is to breaking the cycle of homelessness and extreme poverty through gracious hospitality and systemic change one friend or family at a time through a highly relational process and communal framework.)

Christian Relief Fund (“CRF” is a unique compassion relief organization in 39 countries. Please check them out. You will be amazed at all they do, and they do it very well.)

Mission Alive (This is a great organization dedicated to equipping Kingdom communities on mission with God. They also offer coaching and spiritual direction for those who want to lead in any capacity within the church. It is for anyone.)

The Grey Haven Project (An organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking.)

Living Bread Ministries (A movement dedicated to planting interdependent missional churches–more like missional communities–among the global poor and to equip them to take care of their communities. Their approach to church planting is unlike most typical North American global church planting groups. Please check them out.)

Grove Christian Outreach Center (A compassion organization focused on both proclaiming and demonstrating good news as they serve one of the largest impoverished  communities in the Williamsburg/James City County area.)

College Ministries of Virginia (This organization is dedicated to put skin on love and grace throughout every college in Virginia.)

Join the conversation, but please be gracious.

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