Ten Years Ago Today

Today marks ten years since I stepped into service with Williamsburg Christian Church. The first public word I offered the Church was one of hope in the midst of suffering from Romans 8:18-39. WCC was hurting and little did we know that our life together would be forged in the fires of suffering. Our lives were woven together in lament as God invited us to join Him in taking the hope we were discovering into the margins of our city.

A lot has happened in ten years.

It’s been a privilege to share in so many beautiful movements and efforts.

This picture was taken Oct. 30, 2010.

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Dave Faith

Dave Faith is a strong-hearted man filled with love and compassion. If you’re sick, in the hospital, or homebound, he’s the first pastor you’ll see. He doesn’t want anyone to be alone, especially in times of sorrow or loneliness.

Dave is a man of fervent prayer and considers it a great honor to pray for or with any of the WCC family. He loves the Scriptures and courageously works hard to align his life with God’s purposes. I have always admired how Dave is unafraid to explore unfamiliar ways to be present with God through spiritual practices. He encourages us by the way he presses into faithfulness with humble obedience.

Dave works hard for WCC. I like to say that on some days Dave accomplishes more by 8am than the rest of us do by 5pm. He keeps us in check as he handles the administrative concerns of our common life. His decisive and deliberate leadership is a gift to the Lord’s work and keeps us moving forward.

Dave is a faithful husband, father, and grandfather. I am thankful for his pastoral leadership and relentless service. Above all I’m thankful to call him my friend and co-worker in God’s mission. #SingOneAnothersPraises

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Erin Otis

Erin Otis has a pastoral heart and it shows. She is talented and creative leader determined to see WCC know the story of King Jesus and experience his presence, especially our children and their parents. She is a hard worker who is unafraid to do hard things. She is thoughtful and compassionate, and it shows in how she discerns the Spirit’s in challenging situations.

In many circles Erin has been the only woman in a room of male leaders, and at times, she’s been dismissed. But she stands firm with dignity, strength, listens deeply, and speaks courageously. On our team she leads us well and helps us see what we would otherwise miss. She is a critical voice in our church family and proves her leadership by what she does, not what she says. For me personally, Erin is a steady rock on the shifting sands of ministry.

Erin is a faithful wife, mother, daughter, and sister. Above all I’m thankful to call her my friend and co-worker in God’s mission. #SingOneAnothersPraises

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Garrett Laubscher

Garrett Laubscher’s heart yearns for the justice of God to make the broken things of this world whole. He loves fully and feels deeply, and it shows in how he works to proclaim the love and reign of Christ to all our middle and high school students. He wants them to know the story of God and the life Jesus offers. He wants them to see what it means to be loved by God, no matter where they’ve been, what they’ve done, or what’s been don’t to them. He’s a champion for the vulnerable and a prophetic voice to the rest of us. He’s a kind soul and faithful friend.

Garrett is an artist both with words and images. He writes some of the best sermons I’ve ever read or heard. He also creates all of WCC’s digital media. Without him we’d be stuck with flannel graphs and stock images from Microsoft Word.

Garrett is a faithful husband, father, son and grandson. I am thankful for his pastoral leadership, service and friendship. Above all I’m thankful to call him my friend and co-worker in God’s mission.


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Jon Sprankle

Jon Sprankle’s faithfulness to God and his Church shows in his work ethic. Jon has a strong heart filled with love and compassion that wants all people to know the love of God and joy of community. He understands what it means for the local Church to be a family of faith. He is committed to self-giving love and gracious hospitality and leads by example. Each week we catch a small glimpse of it as he guides us in our liturgy and invites us to open up to the story of God and turn our attention to the presence of God who reigns in Christ by the Spirit.

Jon is a gift to our church family and critical member of our pastoral team. Without him we’d be a scattered mess. We would lack the capacity to faithfully equip and send God’s people forward in His mission, especially during this strange season. The work he does is simply incalculable.

Jon is a faithful husband, father, grandfather, and brother. Above all I am thankful to call him my friend and co-worker in God’s mission.


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