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Lord, Have Mercy: A Litany of the Person

As I have reflected all around me, and as I have been quite restless at night, I thought it would be fun, and hopefully encouraging, to make a short video (just over 3 minutes). You can watch it here. I … Continue reading

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In These Days of Loss

“That which needs healing must not be hidden from God.”  These are the words a monk shared with me a few years ago as I began my silent retreat at Abbey of Gethsemane. In these days of much loss, grief, … Continue reading

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Tricky Little Things

We know we have an idol when the threat of its removal or being taken from us provokes a strong defensive response. The Spirit of God is always working to convict God’s children that any thing pulling us away from … Continue reading

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Gardeners and Gatekeepers

Today marks the day my Grandma Liggin died. We were close. Very close. When I was young she taught me about gardening. I can still see her sporting that sunhat while wearing navy blue pants and a sleeveless button up … Continue reading

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The Preacher’s Humanity and the Expectation of a Congregation

In 1977 Frederick Buechner wrote his little book, Telling the Truth: the Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy, and Fairy Tale. There are many excerpts I could share, but what connects with me most is his description of the preaching event. It’s … Continue reading

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