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Hospitality in Context, Part 2

When our society speaks of hospitality today, we do not normally think of a kinship love for strangers, which is the meaning of philoxenia, the biblical Greek word usually translated as “hospitality.” We live in a culture of xenophobia—a fear … Continue reading

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Hospitality in Context: Introduction

A few years ago our Church eldership publicly denounced what was, at the time, the refusal to offer due process for asylum seekers. After listening to many in the WCC fam we registered with a few regional organizations to sponsor … Continue reading

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The Puzzling Preferences of Jesus as King

What Jesus called truth, considered good, and described as beautiful (glorious) wasn’t palatable to the masses or manageable by the powerful. It wasn’t Jewish enough, Roman enough, religious enough, conservative enough, or liberal enough, but it was always political. I … Continue reading

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A Parable of American Evangelicalism

The crowd waits in anticipation. The crowd awaits their leader, the long-awaited victor. They open up the gates of their hearts to welcome their savior. They shout, “Save us! Deliver us from oppression! Save us, oh chosen one of God!” … Continue reading

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What Martin Niemoller Can Teach Us, Part 1

Last week I began this book by Matthew Hockenos. I have read a little about Martin Niemoller, but nothing of depth. A former German Navy officer turned Christian pastor, Niemoller was a complicated man before and after WWII. For many … Continue reading

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