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Retribution Versus Restoration and a God of Second Chances

For those of us who walk closely with people living through poverty and homelessness, or are a part of a socio-culturally diverse faith community, we know that when it comes to getting a job many of our friends face different … Continue reading

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A Psalm for Today

I hear it in the news, from the Internet, in the neighborhoods, and in the city streets. I try to cover my ears, but the groaning is all around us. The pain. The cries. The violence. The sighs. The sickness. … Continue reading

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Good News in A Bad News Oriented Kind of World

The following is a blog written by one of my dearest friends and mentors.  I love this man. I believe if you knew him like I do, you would too.  He lives in Texas.  You have probably heard it said … Continue reading

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Living life in the declarative

As you survey Christian history (or any movement in history promoting philosophical or social change) you might discover a seemingly “all-or-nothing” posture towards the christian faith.  Whether the motive was God-honoring or self-honoring, people were sold out to what they … Continue reading

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(First off, I would like to say thank you to Lee Camp for the inspiration for this message.  I have read several accounts of this story and put it together as a story below.  This was my Christmas Eve message … Continue reading

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