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It Will Be Done

We were born in a system doomed to fail built on the back of oppression hidden in a fairy tale of greed-laced delusion, seduction and confusion. It’s easy to forget where we belong. The promises of empire and disordered desire, … Continue reading

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Asking God

“I was hungry and you formed a humanities club and discussed my hunger. Thank you. I was imprisoned and you crept off quietly to your chapel in the cellar and prayed for my release. I was naked and in your … Continue reading

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The Vulnerability of a Friendship of Love and Gracious Hospitality

Over the past five years I have lost three dear friends for three very different reasons. All were formerly homeless. All were thrust in to making difficult choices under difficult circumstances. All did the best with what they had. All … Continue reading

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Come on

To people of significant religious and political power, Jesus said: “People will come from east and west, north and south, and sit down to eat in God’s kingdom.” (Luke 13:29) While at a party hosted by a man who enjoyed … Continue reading

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The Contrast

This morning I was reminded that throughout the stories of Jesus (the Gospels) there is a contrast between those who are well-integrated in society but are too busy and those who are excluded from society and have too much time. … Continue reading

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You Are Loved

As you journey into your week, don’t forget that you are loved by a triune God, an eternal community of three distinct Persons of diverse participation in faithful self-giving love and perfect unity (what a mouthful!). There are three simple … Continue reading

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When I See Jesus in the Gospels

My perspective shifts when I look at Jesus in the Scriptures. When I turn through the pages I see the crucified, resurrected, and ascended liberating Lord and redeeming King I’ve always needed. And still do. I see Jesus as Lord and … Continue reading

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