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A theological and historical account of the origins of racism in the United States reveals that racism, with all its twists and turns, finds its beginning in ethnoreligious exceptionalism—that is, the belief that one’s ethnicity and religion is superior to that of others—primarily a form of white superiority and anti-Semitism, that stems from the centuries-old conflict between imperial Christianity—the commingling of the Church and Empire resulting in coercive practices of power in order to make the whole world Christian—and the Jewish faith, a conflict that dark-skinned people, namely Africans, would feel the brunt of. This eBook offers a brief sketch of how racialized cultural systems came to be in the USA with a special attention given to Virginia. At the end of the book I offer a vision of Christian hospitality that has the potential to offer an alternative way of being in a society shaped by racialized cultural systems.

Published Works (Academic)

Hospitality As Witness and Power: The Role of Hospitality in Congregational Engagement and Embrace in a Culture of Displacement Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis , Issue 7 (Summer-Fall 2016)

A Video with The Journal of Missional Practice (Winter 2018): Interview on Listening to the Spirit

A Video with The Journal of Missional Practice (Winter 2019): Two Pastors Talking: ‘So How Do You Hear God?’

TEDx Talk: Hospitality in a Culture of Displacement | TEDxWilliam & Mary

Published Works (Non-Academic)

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Video Lectures/Speeches/Sound-bytes (Non-Academic Settings)

An Interview on Justice and Mercy with Williamsburg Community Chapel (Williamsburg Virginia)

A Ten-Minute Presentation on Church Renewal for Mission Alive (Dallas Texas)